January, 02 / 2017

Winter collection “The Snow Queen”


Winter – the time of year, imbued with the scent of the Christmas tree, sprinkled with powder from the moonlight, decorated with frosted crunch and garlands lights, remiding the northern lights. It’s a time of beautiful and fairy tales.

The tale of Hans Christian Anderson “The Snow Queen” inspired Artyom’s designers to create the winter collection of the same name. “Snow Queen” by Artyom’s is a combinations of femininity and sophistication, the embodiment of aristocratic classics. Our winter collection is able to melt the heart of even the most demanding and inaccessible Queen. The collection includes several sets:

“Eternity” – highly artistic piece of jewelry, made by masters from the white gold, which inlaid with 871 diamonds and 32 emeralds. The set includes a necklace, earrings and ring.


The  icy game of reason” – is a necklace of white gold in the form of rigid hoop, the central part of which is made in the form of two decorative elements, decorated with diamonds, sapphires  and other stones. The earrings are also made in the same style.


Cold, desolate, great!” – it’s a set in white gold, consisting of necklace and earrings, different from the previous refined simplicity and elegance. Precious and semi-precious stones decorate  this unique jewelry.


And at the end of the royal image two sets of “Four Winds” rings. Due to multi-color palette of stones, used in the production of this jewelry, rings in various quality and combination can perfectly complete any chosen image


And even once , on a cold winter night, the real Нappiness knock on your door  and the heart melted with Love!

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