• Artyom’s gives you the opportunity to order your special jewelry of your own design. Jewelry that will underline your individuality and will give you the joy of accomplished wish.

    How it happens…

    You can think of any jewelry and contact us for ordering it online, by calling or by visiting Artyom’s design studio. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss the jewelry you want with our professional designers, who will help you with the sketches of it. After the process, the sketches will pass the modeling process and will turn into a piece of jewelry you wished to have.

  • White gold, diamond and ruby set by Artyom’s

    weight: 31,52 gr
    stone type: diamond
    quality: VVS1-VVS2 / D-G
    quantity: 364
    gem-fineness: 4,57 ct
    stone type: ruby
    quantity: 3
    gem-fineness: 27,5 ct