• The process of jewelry making is a special kind of art, that we are going to explain right now. Our company presents unique jewelry and accessories of our own design, mixing the best traditions of the jewelers with the most fashionable trends of golden world of jewelry.

  • The making of process of any jewelry is a creative, interesting process and a hard job at the same time. Everything begins with the ideas, of our creative designers. Making the sketches of the jewelry, they take into consideration the latest and the most fashionable trends as well as coming through the centuries royal elegance and luxury.
    After several discussions, the best sketches pass to the jewelers.

  • In the hands of the professionals a plane piece of gold turns into a unique and exclusive jewelry and all it needs is polishing. After the process, the piece is brought to a nearly final stage.
    The gemstones are added at the very final of the process, so that they are neither damaged nor spoiled.  Every piece of jewelry here is made of high quality natural stones with domination of diamond, opal, alexandrite, emerald, pearl.

  • The last step is the final cleaning, after which a special piece of jewelry art is ready to join you, to stay with you, to make you happy.