Client service

High quality service is one of the most important feature of Artyom’s Jewelry. Due to that we manage to maintain the uniqueness and the brilliance of our jewelry, as well as to create long term relations with our customers based on mutual reliance.
Here we have some suggestions how to keep the unique beauty and charm of any piece of jewelry by Artyom’s.
If there is any information you cannot find, you can always contact us via phone call or email, or by visiting our jewelry house.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry
    1. When you’re at the gym or have to deal with active sports activities;
    2. When you go to the beach, sauna or Turkish bath;
    3. When you do some household job, during which you have to deal with corrosive materials, various oils or chemicals;
    4. When you are engaged in gardening or agriculture;
    5. When you are washing, using cosmetics and perfumes;
    6. Avoid various attacks, as well as sharp fluctuations in temperature.
  • How to keep your jewelry

    Keep your jewelry in special boxes so that they in order to avoid scratches. Our jewelry boxes are plushy inside, and are also provided with a special soft cloth intended to clean the jewels. In case of jewelry made with gemstones (diamond, emerald, pearl, alexandrite, sapphire, ruby, etc.) special attention must be paid to the gems. All the jewelry with natural gemstones, are to be kept away from temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight, because the majority of natural stones change their color in the sunlight.

  • Gemstones that need more attention


    Unlike other natural stones, this stone has a unique feature to lose its color and to become transparent when placed in the water. When opal is dried, color returns, but not as bright as it used to be. If you want to keep the initial color and brightness, keep the gem away from water.


    Pearls contain some organic substance that rotes over time, limiting the lifetime of the pearl. It fades away and corroses gradually. Though it may take nearly 200 years in case you take care of the properly. The first step is to wear it as often as possible. Pearl must not be kept either in a very dry or a very damp place, direct sunlight is also corrosive. If your pearls faded a bit, clean them with brine and carbone dioxide calcium, then burnish with ether. The other way is to wash them with soap and furbish with brine and cork tree powder. To enlarge the life of your pearls, take them off before having a shower, avoid their contact with parfumes, oils, glue.

  • General care

    You can clean your jewelry with tepid pH natural soap, then wash it with clean warm water and dry with a special soft cloth. This quick and easy way of cleaning will help you to maintain the gloss and luxurious beauty of your jewelry for a long time.

  • Polish service

    Over the years some jewelry loses its initial glossor gets some scratches because of the contact with different surfaces. We suggest you our polish service which will make your jewels look like new ones. Our specialists will take care of your jewelry polishing it with special substance (chromium oxide) and will return the initial gloss and beauty of it. It is necessary to avoid deep polishing, as it may cause the transformation of the jewelry.

    Some peculiarities of white-gold jewelry

    Our white gold jewelry always has a rhodium layer on it, which helps to reach a unique white gloss. Before polishing, the rhodium layer must be safely removed and returned after the process is finished.

    What is rhodium?

    Rhodium is a rare precious metal of platinum family. Applied on the surface of white gold, it underlines the gloss and luxurious beauty of it.

  • Size changing service

    Size changing procedure is applied for the convenience of the client only. It depends on the specific jewelry and the needed size. Technically, the process is possible, but we suggest to consult our jewelry house before it, as after our specialist verify if the changes would not cause any unnecessary transformation, we can guarantee the safety of your jewels.

  • Engraving service

    Any piece of jewelry by Artyom’s is unique and wonderful, and most of them are bought to signify an important event of your life. Our jewelry house gives you an opportunity to individualize your piece of jewelry by engraving something special on it.

    You need to know that service depends on the model of jewelry and the text you want to engrave (we need to check whether it is possible to place it on a jewelry or not). Technically, the process is possible, but we suggest you to consult our jewelry house before it, as in this case we will be able to guarantee the safety of your jewelry.

  • Stone changing service

    This service is also available at our jewelry house. If you want to change a gemstone on the jewelry you like, our specialists are always happy to help you.

    The availability of the service depends on the specific features of the jewelry and the gemstones you choose. We can certainly guarantee safety of your jewelry, if you contact Artyom’s Company for the service.

*every service is made within 1-3 days