March, 10 / 2017

Spring, Beauty and Femininity!

“Darling, I’m ready for anything for you!” –the history of mankind began with these words. And while there is a Woman in the Universe, this story will last forever. The woman is a source of living water, to which the man returns again and again to fill with strength, conquer cities, discover new planets and build ships.  A woman is the guarantee of immortality, which will repeat you in your children.


Early spring, when everything around comes to life and blossoms, involuntarily personifies with beauty, tenderness, continuation of the family and the Woman. Just at that time accepted to congratulate and delight the beautiful part of humanity. Here is the second consecutive year, women, admirers of the Artyom’s brand and our Facebook subscribers do not remain without attention. On the eve of the spring holidays there was a contest dedicated to the Women’s Day on March 8 and Mother’s Day on the official page of Artyom’s company on Facebook!


 All comers were given a unique opportunity to congratulate their beloved special ones to the most penetrating and important words in life. About 350 people, who live in different parts of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Germany shared with us the congratulations and photos from family albums within the framework of the contest.


The apotheosis of the contest was broadcast online draw of the Grand Prizes with the participation of well-known blogger Kamo Tovmasyan, whose easy hand identified three lucky people, who received generous gifts from Artyom’s.


The fate of other 10 contestants decided to audience voting. The participants, whose congratulations received the highest number of “likes”, were awarded with gold jewelry of Artyom’s.


The final of the contest didn’t fail without pleasant surprises! Artyom’s did not leave without attention the most creative, unique and talented participants, who received a gift of gold pendants in the form of a capital letter of the name. So, this is plus more seven people! Undoubtedly, this day will remain in memory as one of the most positive, happy and bright one not only for the winners, but for all, who took part in the contest, as well as for Artyom’s company!


And in the end, we congratulate all women on the holiday of spring, beauty and love! May your soul be filled with light, warmth and joy from sincere wishes, delicate flowers and pleasant gifts! Let the swallows build nests over your windows and bring prosperity and harmony into the house, and the first rays of spring sun point to a happy path in your destiny!


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